Band History

The band was founded in autumn 1994 by Caron (vocal and guitar) and Asmothy (guitar) under the moniker Apostasy. Lomion (bass) and Lycanthroph (drums) completed the line-up. In winter 1995/1996 Scarog (vocal) joined the band. In autumn 1996 the 6 tracks demo "Weltnacht Dunkel" was recorded. After the recordings Lycantroph left the band. Borisshk became the new drummer in autumn 1997. In winter 1997 Lomion left the band. He was replaced by Spirit. In spring 1999 the 4 tracks promo-CDR "Hifthorn 461" was recorded. At this time the band changed its name to "Akrival", because the name "Apostasy" is used by different other bands. The band also wanted to express new developments in music, lyrics and line-up. During the recordings Spirit left the Band. In autumn 1999 A.T. replaced him on bass. In Winter 2001/2002 the 7 track Rehearsal "Shadows" was recorded. A.T.  left the band after the recordings. Asmothy also left the band in spring 2003. New bass player Gunner joined Akrival in spring 2003. New guitarist Acyd joined in spring 2003. Gunner left in winter 2003 and Rough replaced him on bass. The first album called "Enigmas Of The Contradictory Nature" containing 8 Tracks has been released on 18.08.2004. Acyd left the band in winter 2006/2007. In winter 07 akrival recorded a 4 track demo. This demo is not for release. The second album was recorded in spring 2007. The album is entitled "vitriolic" and contains 9 tracks. At this time Greifenor joined the band on guitar. Rough left the band in summer 2007. Naamah Ash replaced him in Winter 2007/2008. Greifenor left the band at the same time. Akrival signed to Pictonian Records for the release of Vitriolic in spring 2008. Vincent joined on guitar. Vitriolic was released on 21.06.2008 through Pictonian Records. Naahmah Ash left in the band in 2011.