24.08.2010   next gig in Berlin with 4 songs from the upcoming Album
08.10.2009   2 gigs confirmed (Potsdamn, Bierlin) with new songs
06.05.2009   4-gig-tour with Jarboe, Esoteric and Secrets of the Moon
22.01.2009   starting with new songs.
21.06.2008   Vitriolic is released. We are doing a France Tour in October/November
20.05.2008   Vitriolic will be released by Pictonian Records on 21.06.2008. Vincent joined on guitar.
22.02.2008   Akrival signed to Pictonian Records for "Vitriolic".
22.02.2008   Akrival kicked Greifenor because of personal problems.
28.01.2008   found Naamah Ash on base Vitriolic will be released later this year.
16.06.2007   mp3-edits from vitriolic available for download
12.06.2007   Rough will leave the band this summer. mastering of vitriolic is finished.
16.05.2007   Greifenor joined the band on guitar. more infos about vitriolic follow soon.
26.04.2007   the recordings for vitriolic are finished. the announced demo won't be released
31.01.2007   acyd left the band
29.01.2007   we release a 4track demo in march
22.01.2007   we enter the studio in april for the upcoming album >vitriolic<
22.10.2006   we are currently preparing the 9 tracks for the upcoming album.
15.09.2006   gig with Enslaved and Vreid confirmed
23.08.2006   first pictures from partysan 2006 online
13.06.2006   10 years live on stage in potsdam
18.04.2006   mp3-edits from all enigmas available for download
25.01.2006   some reviews for enigmas online. small amount of logo-shirts available for 10 euro order here
30.11.2005   gig in Prenzlau cancelled, new gig date in Bischofswerda in March (to be confirmed)
13.11.2005   two new gig dates: Akrival at Protzen 2006 and gig in Prenlau 2.12.2005
01.09.2005   Akrival at Party San 2006
03.07.2005   mini-tour cancelled. next gig on 16.07.2005 at Archiv in Potsdam.
10.01.2005   next gig on 19.02.2005 at K17 with Illdisposed, mini-tour with Azaghal in September
18.08.2004   Album is out. order details here
12.08.2004   Release Date is 18.8. you can order it via e-mail. gigs will follow this winter.

First Album will be available in August. It is entitled "Enigmas Of The Contradictory Nature" and contains 8 tracks. Details

We have finished the mixing and mastering. the result is fucking great. the release still will take some weeks. get a mp3-edit here: NewAlbum-Master
Finally we finished the recordings. Mixing and stuff will take a while.

But you can listen to a rough mix of the first track here: Download-NewAlbum-Edit


Gunner  is out. We need again a new bass-player. München-Gig cancelled.
some gig dates has been changed. more news about the album will follow soon.
Acyd is our new guitarist. The new line up will be on stage at the UTBS.
The new bass player is Gunner! After 9 years guitarist Asmothy left the band. New man is also found.
still working on the album (some details will follow soon). thinking about a small gig in june. a small live video part will be on the site asap.
some great news. we are going to play on next Under The Black Sun Open Air Festival. See you there. We have found a man for the bass. We will introduce him here as soon as possible. The recordings for our album will take some more time to get a result as we want. More infos will follow.. 
drums-recording finished.
gig confirmed with GBK. we will record the first album (8 tracks) this winter.
after 3 years A.T. wants to leave the band. We need a new member for the bass.
new photos added (k14), plans for next recordings changed (more details later)
we played two gigs with Sear Bliss, Essen-Gig cancelled, 2 gigs later (Berlin, Postdam)
2 new gigs confirmed (Cottbus, Eisenhüttenstadt) Demo-Recordings start in October
gig in essen (21/09) confirmed
next gig in potsdam (17/08). new 4 track demo later this year. be prepared!
You can download the song "Shadows" from our latest rehearsal recordings here: New Song Download
We have finished recordings. MP3s will follow in a few days
New photos added (last Knaack-Gig)
We nearly finished 4-tracker recordings of 7 tracks at our rehearsal-place
We recorded 3 new songs, 1 again from the first demo, 2 older (never recorded) songs and 1 coversong
Gig at Knaack is on 1. February
new Photos added (last K17-Gig, new Line-Up Shots)
just found a new rehearsal place